About us

Thirty something, child bearing, food loving, ever dreaming family of three...soon to be four!

One of us loves anything craft like and creative, like a spot of knitting, a dabble in painting and when in the mood a larger project like dress making (I would like this bit to be true). Worth noting that this one also 'thinks' they can achieve anything which is rarely the case and has many a number of 'big' ideas which rarely work out.

The other dreams of a day watching cricket whilst supping a local ale, loves to cook, clean (yes that's right), listen to music and fairly reluctantly, currently, study for a masters in their spare time. This one balances the former out by contributing logic, realism and calm. As well as a lot of humour...and singing.

Both love nothing more than spending time as a family!

Previously there was Nelly's eggs a diary started when we found out we were pregnant with our little girl Mabel. Following in the main some pretty disastrous technical issues but also in part a lack of time / inclination, this came to an end when Mabel turned one. 

However, things have changed. Not least the fact that we are now pregnant with baby number two (baby BK) due in October and we want the same record for him / her.

I have also convinced G Kisby to share the task this time round (he thinks he is funnier than me, I doubt that).

So this is our world. We procrastinate regularly, remain completely laid back, retain impossibly big dreams and want a record of our lives for years to come... 

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