Saturday, 7 July 2012

At last...

So it has taken a while and I am still not convinced that the design is quite right but our new baby will be here before we know it so I have decided to make a start.

This is the continuation of Nelly's Eggs and a lot has changed since the previous blog came to an end. 

Not least the fact that we are now pregnant with our second baby (Baby BK), due 27th October. Notably the photo below was at Jubilee but I am feeling positively fat this week so would like to pretend that I am still this size.

Our house is on the market (so not that much changes, still like to do things all at once and in the wrong order). Though to be fair it could take a long time to sell in the current climate. We somehow own 3 cars but only need 2 but can't sell the third (don't ask) and are busy planning our first proper family holiday to France next week. 

Work is still good, almost relaxing I'd say.

I won't comment on G Kisby, he can record this himself since scarily I have managed to convince him to share the blog this time. Though not on this post, he was quite clear tonight that he draws the line at post sharing. 

And as for Mabel, well she is older, wiser, faster and trixier. I am repeating the mantra 'I am in control' on a whole new level at the moment and did find myself asking Granny this week, "when will everything stop being a battle?" as she managed to climb out of her pram in John Lewis. Granny kept holding on to her where I turned a blind eye (she will surely only fall out once?)

Tried the reins for about a week until she led me around Mamas & Papas and I found myself saying, "could I just look at....oh o.k maybe not". Took them off and she managed to get her head stuck in a window display. Don't ask how she got in there, I literally took my eye off her for a second. And yes if you were wondering, it is difficult to climb into a window display discretely whilst pregnant. Needless to say I then left quickly using the 'under the arm pencil' hold. 

I am really looking forward to keeping up to date with all the blogs I used to love reading and found inspirational. 

Hopefully writing again will encourage me to take more photos, remember more stories and reflect on the whirlwind that is life. And with a bit of luck it might be the main way G Kisby and I now communicate ( I joke obviously, we talk at least once a week). 

Nelly x


  1. Oh my gaaaaaad!!!!!!! Many congratulations dear girl. Have really missed you and was asking after you last week when I saw Cuckoo. Am thrilled to hear you have a new blog and a new baby on the way.
    Delightful and wow you look amazing in the Jubilee pic.
    So happy for you. Mabel will LOVE having a sibling. My two fight and bicker but love each other desperately too and are each other's biggest defenders.
    Well done that girl. Can't wait to read all your updates.
    Will add you to my following blog thingy.....sorry, brain tired!!!
    x x x xx

  2. Oh wow!! Congratulations! Am delighted that you have another little one on the way.. I look forward to hearing all of the new developments going on! We too are expecting another one, due on December 10th.. So not much more of an age gap than Mabel and her new little sibling. Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl? You look gorgeous in that Jubilee pic, you must show us how big you are now! I'm a nosey parker..

    Ashley xxx

  3. You always make me chuckle! It's good to have you back.

    A new baby! Hurrah!!!! That is wonderous news, Chipper kept that quiet. How exciting. I echo all that Ashley said above, give us all the details.

    How fun that we are going to get to talk to GKisby too.

    Mabel has grown up so much. Scary how fast the time goes isn't it?


  4. Just found your blog by way of Country Rose. I look forward to following your pregnancy and the adventures of your daughter.

  5. Just stumbled upon you via Country Rose and you've already made me laugh out loud! Can remember so well the struggles of coping with a boisterous toddler while pregnant ... This too will pass! Congratulations and looking forward to Your future posts, Claire xxx

  6. Hello, just found your blog through Country Rose. I will just warn you that you will be repeating your mantra about being in control (yeah right) until your little Mabel is a grown up girl who is going out to work. I have two teenage versions of your Mabel and I have been trying to tell myself I'm the adult and must therefore be the bigger person for a very long time. Sometimes it even works!
    If you have another girl then you might as well give up!
    Looking forward to some laughs reading your blog!

  7.'re back online! Can't wait for G's first post (no pressure) and glad you can also regularly comment on the other siblings blog too! SO nice to have an excuse to remember all the funny things that happen and take more photos.
    love you
    fee x
    (I'm still saying the mantra...)

  8. YAAAY! Hellooooo! So pleased you're back in the blogosphere - I've missed your funny posts. Very exciting news about baby no 2 (can I just put in a request that if it's a girl, you call her Betty, please? Mabel and Betty? MFEO)
    Hope you can make it on Thursday
    Emily x

  9. Hmmmm - annoying - something's going awry and I can't follow your blog - will try again later x

  10. So pleased you're back blogging again! Going to follow and add you to my blog list. Am I removing the Nelly's Egg link? Is that blog completely defunct now? :(

    And, hey! A new baby!!!! OMG! So exciting. And hasn't Mabel grown?! She looks so much older now. Good lord, it's scary.

    Nicki xx

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  12. Oops, deleted my own comment. Either that or you have an 'inappropriate' filter set-up?

    Love the shop window story, but hate to tell you they don't learnt from a fall. Then again to be fair to Luca his repeated falls out of bed are when he's asleep so maybe I should cut him a little slack.

    Great to have you back online, means I can stay in touch without the guilt driven texts!

    Your big brother@

    That's (does that class as spamming?)

    P.S. I wouldn't say you lack control of Mabel, more that Mabel just lacks a little .... ummmm ... ok, control ...