Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Quite the whirlwind...

I'm not sure where the past 2 weeks have just gone. Felt a bit teary last Wednesday watching the clock around tea time and thinking about what was going on at the same time the week before, yep hormones well and truly all over the place. Luckily this week is much better. Wilf has just slotted right into our lives and I am less concerned about how on earth we are going to manage with 2.  

It helps that he is just ace, still getting his head round night and day (surely they should come out programmed to know this?) but we are already enjoying the fact he opens his eyes for more than ten seconds and like nothing more than him snuggled in after a feed when he is all milk drunk and content.

Mabel seems to be getting used to the change, though I realise we have more to come, especially when G Kisby goes back to work and she realises that my attention has to be divided. But currently she asks where he is regularly (though perhaps this is with the hope we might reply, "back to where he came from"?) kisses him and does her hand clench, "excited" when holding his hand and showing him various toys. We had one day of nursery where she started saying, "no go today" whilst getting dressed but since then she has run in every day as normal. 

Clearly the change has been tiring for us all, however!

The only really hard part has been with feeding. Wilf has pretty bad tongue tie meaning he can't latch on properly. We had an urgent referral to get it snipped (urgent meaning appointment a week away) but in the meantime I have had to persist with extremely painful feeding sessions. In fact so much so that I think labour was less painful. Aside from traumatised nipples he is also not draining my massive boobs properly leading to mastitis which I now have antibiotics for. I was literally crying with pain each feed until last Monday when I visited a 'feeding clinic' and they showed me some techniques to help in the meantime.

Could be worse though, the little troffer is still getting plenty of milk meaning we are not having to deal with a crying, hungry baby at the same time which I think may have sent me over the edge. In fact, the midwife gave me a little speech to prepare me for his 'inevitable' weight loss, telling me how this is to be expected for larger babies and the fact he is tongue tied may mean he has lost more than the usual 10% of his birth weight. Had he? No. In fact, after just a week he weighed in at 11.4lbs. G Kisby asked the question,
"Er when is going to slow down then? Are we going to end up with some sort of giant toddler"
Apparently they think I probably had undetected gestational diabetes which would account for his birth weight since neither of us are big and my BMI was normal. If we have another this will be monitored so no more whopping babies for me. On the positive he really does seem more settled than Mabel at this age (I am touching wood), you do wonder whether their size makes a difference?

I tell you where it does make a difference - his eating habits. Off to feed our little porker his breakfast...


  1. Your bubba is sooooooooooo adorable!

  2. He is beautiful. My daughter's baby was born tongue-tied back in July and he had terrible trouble latching on. As soon as it was snipped (totally painless, he never even woke up! More traumatic for mum & me! and over in a flash) he latched on perfectly and painful boobs were a thing of the past. He kept poking out his tongue after it was snipped as if not believing he could finally do it!

    Tyler weighed in at just under 6lb and has always had trouble settling, & suffers with colic, whereas my other grandson born in March was much much bigger. He is the most contented child I have ever come across, always happy, sleeps through the night. He is now 7 months and his weight gain has slowed up. I do believe that him being such a dream is down to him being bigger. Sue x

  3. Oh little Wilf is just gorgeous, and Mabel seems to be delighted with her new brother, such a cute photo of them together! My son was bigger than my daughter when he was born. The midwife couldn't understand why he was taking such a long time to come out as he was my second baby, but when she weighed him she knew!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments :)

    Caroline xx