Monday, 15 July 2013

Did I mention...

Post pregnancy pilates? If I didn't then I meant to. First time round I didn't do anything toning wise, I wasn't massive even by the end and Mabel was such a non sleeper I spent hours walking the streets with her so didn't feel I had to.

With Wilf it has been very different - perhaps this time my body wasn't quite so 're-boundable' (such a word? If not it should be) and I have struggled to get my stomach back to normal. The muscles still haven't properly knitted together and I am really conscious of still looking pregnant. He is also very heavy to carry around and I do find myself with dreadful posture.

So I have been going to a really good baby friendly pilates class. And they don't just say it is baby friendly, it actually is. How thrilled am I to have found it.

I had bought a dvd and tried to find on YouTube ways to re-knit stomach muscles because i knew you could do more damage by just doing sit ups. But actually I don't think there is any substitute for a good instructer since I now realise that when I claimed I could pretty much do the entire dvd and not ache the day after it was very much that I was doing it wrong. 

And what else has been going on. Well I have been continuing to try and wind down my breastfeeding. Easier said than done. I've had awful mastitus (fully in bed with 'flu' like symptoms, that whole switching between changing jammies due to sweat followed by shivering over a hot water bottle. Even woke G Kisby up in the night in tears because I thought I was losing my mind talking jibberish. In hindsight just my temperature but not nice. Made me realise how lucky I am not to have felt that ill for such a long time.  In fact I can't remember the last time). G Kisby had to stay off work but a course of antibiotics sorted it out.
(not sure why this bit is green, can't seem to get it to go back?)

Things are now loads better and I am pretty much finished. The only issue is that I have kind of stopped using my left boob in favour of my right. I didn't think this through. I have the most ridiculous looking boobs in the world. When I go swimming I have to use Wilf as a human shield as I get in (not hard, even with one 'Jordon' boob he covers me up). People must think I have had a boob job but could only afford one side. One boob is literally knocking about in my massive feeding bra while the other is trying to get out the sides. Curses, dam this not thinking things through.

Mabel has also started potty training. I will leave the gory details until my next post (yes they are gory, why does cleaning a nappy feel very different to sorting out a full size poo in a potty. Or, er not in the potty. But definitely in the heat. Blurgh). 

And I have also been lucky enough to have that first experience (which I am sure all parents must have) of the door being opened by your toddler in a public toilet while you are having a wee. Mine just happened to be the toilet in the swimming pool changing rooms. So yes, I was pretty much naked. And in my dart to the door I pretty much soaked my own swimming bottoms. On this occasion I chose to follow the rules and shower before entering the pool.

No pictures, can't get them off my ridiculously old phone (doesn't even have predictive text, smashed mine and had to get one 'out the drawer' - you know the kitchen drawer I mean?)

More to follow... 

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