Thursday, 9 August 2012

Last week I learnt...

That it is possible to become slightly obsessed with the Olympics. For the first time in my life I bought a Radio Times for the Olympics pull out. Please tell me you stole that from the doctors surgery came the response from my husband. Not only that but I was then hit, when I pulled out said publication in front of my mother (surely aimed at her age group) with the comment,
"Do you know what I do, I just use the red button"
Ahh, good times.

That my husband is also obsessed with the Olympics but, rather too obviously, more in the sports like beach volleyball. He was meant to be studying the other afternoon and I found him watching it on the grounds of, "no, genuinely, it is very skillful". I think he almost convinced himself. Later that day I jokingly asked, as I launched myself out of the bath with a small pig like grunt (why does that happen involuntarily when doing any leaning whilst pregnant?) whether he was glad his wife looked like a volleyball player. He replied that I looked like I had swallowed the volleyball. Harsh.

That I am way out of touch with 'the youth'. I am vocally not a big fan of Facebook. But I needed to find out when a (pretty average & definitely not cool) music class was on to take Mabel. In trying to find out it turns out I managed to 'like' them on Facebook. Apparently this does not do me any favours on the cool front. Again the husband informs. I then had to ask him to show me how to reply to a message and whether everyone could see what I was writing. I could hear how crap I sounded.

And lastly, that with ones second baby it is very easy to get fat. I seriously don't think I was this big by the end last time. The maternity trousers I wore right up until finishing work no longer fasten and we still have 11 weeks to go. I did some extra energetic swimming at the weekend but am also having lower back pain this time so I think my Zumba days are nearly over.

Maybe a cake would make me feel better?!?


  1. Haha I quite like the Radio times, it reminds me of my grandparents! Don't worry about the maternity wear thing... I'm only 23 weeks this time round and I already can't wear my size 12 maternity jeans that I wore the whole way through when pregnant with Rose. I have a pair of H&M cropped over-the-bump trousers which I seem to rely on rather a lot these days! Those and stretchy black leggings... how exciting eh!?

    Ashley xxx

  2. I don't know what the Radio Times is... but perhaps that's a good thing?! Everyone is out of touch with youth these days - they are a different breed! I teach at a university in Melbourne and sometimes I do not understand what they're saying - different language.

    I was really fat with my first baby but second time round not the case, though I did show earlier with the second. Who knows what the right thing to do is? Though I can't see there's ever anything wrong with eating cake!!