Thursday, 30 August 2012

Where has our baby gone?

I know this happens all the time but since France we have really noticed the changes in our baby toddler. 

Her language has gone crazy. It seems like yesterday that she was saying individual words but now she is mostly using 2, if not 3 or 4 at a time. It is just ace, I love hearing her say, 'red shoes', ' Daddy where are you?' and 'oooooh look' when she is excited. She even called me 'big fat Mummy' tonight. Not sure about the last one. 

Her understanding also seems to have moved on so much (or perhaps we just realise this more now that she can communicate better). She is genuinely useful (hmm that sounds wrong, helpful) now when emptying the dishwasher and getting things done, like finding and putting on her own bib (albeit it does take so much longer and patience is not my thing). There are some downsides to this, like the fact we have had some 'bottom lip' moments when dropping off at nursery and if we are doing something that she doesn't fancy (or probably doesn't care either way but apparently the game of asserting your authority doesn't seem to get boring) she just makes a run for it (I swear she knows I am not as fast at the moment, she is playing on my weaknesses). I feel like my whole life is either a negotiation or an attempt at asserting control. 

She has started to love role playing, so much fun. A tea party with her doll and teddy keeps her interested for at least 10 minutes and tonight she pretended to put 'special cream' (copying me with my desperate attempts to avoid stretch marks) all over her body, talking to herself along the way ('arms', 'legs' etc) and pretending to tip the toothpaste tube onto her hand each time. Too cute. 

We are creating a photobook all about my tummy to help her prepare for the move from having 100% of our attention (uh oh). She will stroke and kiss my tummy now and is slightly obsessed with pulling my top up (not always appropriate) but at the same time also enjoys giving it a good shove now and then and trying to sit on it about once an hour. We are encouraging her to look after her doll gently, kind of hope she didn't notice that the other night when tidying round I threw the doll from one side of the room head first into the toy box, all about setting the right example I find. Her brother or sister is definitely going to know who she is when they come out.

Talking of which, just 8 weeks to go. My cravings for mince have gone but I am still no doubt eating way too many eggs and cold drinks are just amazing. I think I am bigger already than by the end with Mabel and a slightly different shape but I don't buy into any of the theories of knowing boy or girl. G Kisby thinks boy, I think girl (for the record). Although I have had moments of complete panic about how I will cope with 2 on my own in the week, we are both too excited about having a new baby. And besides which, I already lack control so its not like I will be going from one extreme to the other?!


  1. can't WAIT to see 2 of my favourite people tomorrow. Yes, I know you are my absolute favourite but others in the running read the comments!!!!
    fee x

  2. You look sublime all knocked up, like!

    Control? Control? What is that? No idea.