Friday, 28 September 2012

One of the many benefits of having a sister who is so creative is that when on a family trip you don't have to worry about your taking your camera. Now I know that this frustrates said sister since she feels the responsibility of having to take all the pictures. But in my defense I did take at least 2 or 3 this weekend.

Needless to say, Chipper Nelly captures better than I ever could what a brilliant weekend we just had in Kirkby Stephen. 

G Kisby also celebrated his birthday on the Friday so after picking him up from work at lunch time we snook in a little pub lunch on the way there. The Highwayman, one of chef Nigel Haworths pubs, of which there are a few around the Lakes, was very good. Roaring fire, very child friendly and an excellent ploughmans.

It may be my hormones but I did spend at least half an hour wittering on to G Kisby on the way home about how money just can't buy happiness and there was no-where I would rather have been this weekend than sat round a campfire, watching our little girl happily chomp marshmallows with her cousins in such a gorgeous setting. O.k so money might buy more of this, or more importantly more time to do this and I do appreciate that a trip away at all is something not available to everyone. But I guess what I was trying to say was that I do feel so incredibly incredibly lucky. And you might have also read on Fee's blog that one of Mabel's favourite people in the world, Kenzie, was signed off from oncology last week. Celebrating good health with our wonderful Scottish rellies that we don't see nearly enough....that is what it is all about for me.

Anyway, as I was having said conversation G Kisby decided he might need a nap after all, so if I was boring him then I might need to shut up now!

This has also been a good week because I finished work yesterday for 9 whole months. It does feel a little unnerving (especially since I do go to work for a rest which is a worry) but very exciting at the same time.

It means that it is only 4 weeks now until Baby BK is due. I did feel ready to stop, walking across Leeds in the pouring rain, normally carrying a few bags, in a pair of heels was tough going by the end. Now I will be doing drop off in my jammies and trainers (sorry I ever judged you for that Fee).

I have a list of fairly nice jobs I want to get done (so stay put for a little longer baby). Things like sorting out all our photos on the laptop, getting down the mass of baby stuff from the loft and hopefully getting back to some crafting (baby blanket being first on the list). 

I am also keen to fit in all the things that won't be possible short term with two. Today I got myself stuck trying to climb in a children's play centre. Then, once finally at the top, a fellow Mum (notably not pregnant but stood at the bottom) questioned, "You are not seriously coming down that slide are you?" as I wedged myself in and held on for the ride (the answer was 'yes' naturally. How else was I going to get back down).

And I am definitely going to try and blog more. Especially about the birth since I know the 3 days of all quiet wasn't great last time. 

A gorgeous little pair of fleecy boots given as a gift from a friend at work (thanks Lucy) keep making me gush - can't quite believe that we will have someone small enough to wear them soon...

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  1. he he - everyone relies on me for the flamin' photos...i feel like I'm there in an official capacity!
    (nice picture of our favourite girl though!)
    Beautiful gift from Lucy - that girl has such good taste!!!
    fee x