Friday, 5 October 2012

Did anyone ever claim pregnancy was glamorous?

If so, they were very much mistaken.

This pregnancy has possibly been even less so than last time, due to a number of factors:

- I am bigger than last time. There is no getting away from it, whether it is less exercise (can't fit in that morning swim before work anymore), more cake (might as well, I am fat anyway) or that you stretch more easily (nice). Either way I am not nearly as neat.

- As a result my work maternity trousers only zipped up until about 6 months in rather than until the end as with Mabel. I hate buying maternity wear so decided, in my wisdom (and early morning haste) to still wear said trousers but with a long top so I could leave them completely unzipped. Throughout the day I was left to fully experience the error of my judgement as my trousers literally fell down every time I stood up. Not only that, the zip dug into the very bottom of my tummy (hard to rub that area in public to relieve the soreness) and I tripped over more than once because they were no longer the right length. Big learning there for me.

Phillips' Milk of Magnesia Liquid 200ml- Constipation is not good. During this pregnancy I went 9 days, that's right, 9 days without. During that time G Kisby fed me 2 curry takeaways (he was in his element with suggesting that solution every other day). They remained in place and just made things worse. I worried there was a blockage but a tiny pellet on day nine reassured me this wasn't the case (sorry too much?) I drank tons of Fibregel, I ate loads of fruit, I spent an unprecedented amount of time on the toilet 'trying', to no avail. In the end I went to the doctors and begged for a laxative. I got one...3 days later it still didn't work. But there was light at the end of the tunnel (wrong analogy to use there). Milk of magnesia, no carbs (in fact, I was getting such bad cramp after eating that I went to a fruit and water only diet). No medical advice led to this just the power of Fee on Google (though I did check with my midwife first that a couple of days on fruit wouldn't do any harm). I drank from the bottle and the next day - well lets just say once I started.Glad to report hasn't been as bad since. 

- Fat feet. Had to buy a whole size bigger when getting new shoes for the wedding we went to. My little trotters are just porky. 

- My belly button could seriously be used as a coat hook. It is just not nice looking and despite wearing a band and maternity top it still seems to poke its way through.

We are obviously thrilled to be pregnant, we feel blessed to be able to have children in the first place, very lucky to only have such minor complaints and wouldn't change it for the world. Pregnancy is amazing, life changing and many other great things.

But is not. 3 weeks to go...too exciting!

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  1. oooh, no, not glamerous. I have lots of unglamerous stories to share here but I'm a bit worried about your key search words!!!
    I laughed out loud when Phil said to Gloria 'now I realise why they say women bloom when pregnant'.
    See you in the week fatty
    fee x