Sunday, 28 October 2012

Due date came...and passed!

So to celebrate the passing of our due date (did no-one tell baby BK) we spent Saturday morning clearing out the garage to find a washing machine (stored at the back) for Mark Bryce. I say ‘we’, G Kisby did most of the work whilst Mark and I stayed inside in the warmth with Mabel. It was the first properly icy day which was unfortunate since he couldn’t find his gloves. He ended up wearing a colourful pair of crotcheted hand warmers of mine. Very funny.

I designed a great activity for Mabel this week for which she had absolutely no interest. I added more pipe cleaners, I upped my own enthusiasm…nothing. She pretty much laughed in the face of my planning, threw them on the floor and walked of asking for Peppa Pig (for a change). I tried another this weekend literally involving some cleaned out egg shells, a spoon and tupperwear. About 25 mins later she was still loving the texture, crushing them between her fingers and pouring them in and out of her tub. Turns out simple wins yet again. I won't learn (obviously).

We then drove over to Manchester and went out for a gorgeous meal with Fee and Al. None of us could remember the last time we went out (though we see each other all the time it tends to be to eat in) so it was a proper treat and potentially the last one for a short while. The food was great, the wine ditto (apparently) and we laughed a lot (as always). The only downside were the very tight trousers I squeezed myself into which became very uncomfortable after a chocolate soufflé. Oh and the lack of sleep that followed.

Mabel has caught my cold (or vice versa?) and was really unsettled. It doesn’t take much to disturb me currently so I lay awake wondering just how many times I could go for a wee when I didn’t actually need one. She then woke up at 4.30 and refused to go back to sleep. We had her in our bed but the, “That is Daddy’s back….Mabel cough…Mummy’s sleeping…” commentary soon became, “Mabel big jump…” at which G Kisby drew the line. Mum’s paranoia about my being tired resulted in her whipping her out for a cuddle with her Granny (all went quiet and dark as Mabel apparently then went back to sleep for a few hours…what the hell).

Anyhow today we all felt slightly worse for wear. Mabel managed to keep smiling through swimming but was a bit shivery and then went for her second nap of the day. I went for a huge 2.5hr sleep this afternoon after which I felt loads better. I get a bit nervous when I don’t feel great since I know labour could start any time now (yes the probability rises every day now, I get it Fee).

I have repainted my toe nails (as well as possible), shaved my legs again (surely the last time I have to do such random moves to reach my legs) and promised to stay close to home now. I must look huge since pretty much everyone I meet in public comments. In some ways this is quite pleasant and a good conversation starter. However, I am slightly perturbed by how risky people are with their comments; “Gosh you look you are about to have that baby…you can’t have long to go….wow that is a big bump”. Really tempted to reply with, “no I am only 6 months” or even, “what this? Leftover baby weight from my first unfortunately”.

Come on baby BK we are all desperate to meet you (Tuesday 30th, girl, 8.2oz is my guess for the record. G Kisby has gone for Friday 2nd, boy, 8.4oz).


  1. I guess: Pork pie. You're not preggers just a right fatty!

    Totes gonna do the egg shell thing with Wilf. Reckon he will love than. What other things could I do? I'm quite hands off, I'm a crap mother, I just can't play with them very well. Their games are boring. See? Rubbish Mum.


    ps Boy, 8,6. Halloween. (The best day to be born, the parties are always excellent)

  2. girl, 7lb 13. nov 1. best of luck beauty x x x