Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Another child defies me...

So apparently one strong minded child isn't enough and Baby B-K, despite my whispering instructions, decided not to come out today on my sweep-stake guess. No, no, he or she fancies staying put for a while longer and putting on a few extra pounds (wince).

Though to be fair, perhaps we actually just have a very considerate baby since the last 2 days haven't been the easiest. I had to go and get Mabel from nursery on Monday poorly. I think she has her last molars coming through since keeps saying, "sore cheek" but also just has the virus that I think has been going round everyone (high temp, not eating etc). We spent Monday afternoon tucked up under a blanket watching t.v and she stayed at home again yesterday. Luckily she got a much better night sleep last night so hoping the worst is past. 

Granny and I took her for a walk and some fresh air at the park yesterday afternoon (labour inducing mechanism no. 1 - tick). It wasn't our finest moment since we didn't take the pram and she very quickly decided walking wasn't for her. Granny ended up carrying her (it was a toss up of who was the more incapable) but we unfortunately passed a very wet slide which did not go unnoticed. Poor Granny ended up climbing up very muddy steps to find she then didn't really slide down on account of the wet. Made worse by the tantrum which followed when we dashed away, in what was the start of rain, before a second go.

But she has started eating again and has been much better. More smiles, more constant climbing and lots of resistance to basic requests...
In fact this morning the word 'no' was in full force and I had to literally wrestle her doll's pram from her at the door to the car so she was definitely going back to nursery. I did wonder what the hell I looked like, battling with wind and rain, 9 months+ pregnant, carrying a toddler who was in turn carrying a pram / rabbit / doll. I swear she senses my weakness because I would normally resort to raisin bribery but she isn't quite 100% on food so wasn't interested,
"Er not hungry thanks, I will take the pram option".
"We can't take the pram in the car, how about a book?" I tried (actually thinking, maybe the pram could come in the car?)
"Pram, pram, pram" (I hear what you are saying but I am going to repeatedly shout the word pram in the hope you get the message that the only thing I am interested in is this pram. And yes I realise it might be tricky to use in the car but come on, lets give it a go).

After dropping her off I decided I was bored of all the sitting around waiting so went for a swim. Even the 16 year old on reception at the pool asked if I was planning to give birth today (rude). He followed it up with,
"Innit dead weird that there is a human in there...."
"Hmmm yeah" I responded (note to self: must get better at talking to youths)

I have since followed it up with a hill walk and I do actually feel loads better for getting moving. Did I mention that at my last midwife appointment my slightly nuts Chinese midwife gave me a live demonstration of how to ensure I sat with my pelvis low to encourage the baby to engage and then talked for some time about having a 'polite word' with my husband since all they use to induce you is a prosthetic version of semen (unsure if that is spelt right, can't say I have ever written it before).

A polite word. Love it. It was more than a little awkward.

Anyhow G Kisby has been, "working late" in the evenings ever since, sending me up to bed alone saying he 'won't be long'. And I don't think I helped last night by reading up on yoga positions that could help and spending the entire episode of 'Grand Designs' in a highly unattractive position on the front room floor.   

On a much more pleasant note, Granny brought round the new babies blanket she has been knitting yesterday and we love it. I chose the colours (o.k so they are more suited to a boy) and it is a little big for a pram but chunky, soft and will be used for years to come I'm sure. 

She is so unconvinced of the colours that another is being knitted as we speak!


  1. I stumbled across your blog yesterday (and your old blog) and spent yesterday evening reading your old posts, which actually made me laugh out loud. I love to find blog that I can relate to and laugh about and your stories of your laid back husband, and pregnancy with your first baby made me laugh extra hard. Just thought I would let you know!

  2. I am also a new follower of your blog and absolutely love it! Your posts are very funny and I regularly laugh out loud. I am a follower of Chipper Nelly's blog and found you through that....what a lovely family you have :) I hope your baby arrives soon and doesn't keep you waiting for too much longer. Best of luck, Caroline xx

  3. How funny that there's a high chance you are having the baby as I type!!! Love those photos of our favourite girl...don't love the chinese midwife story. The thought of G Kisby trying rudies with that GIANT stomach makes me chuckle!
    I too am starting a new blanket....fee x