Sunday, 3 March 2013

Little black book and a little round up

A quick round up of the last few weeks....

On 13th Feb we celebrated our wedding anniversary and with it being three years the (old) tradition said the gift should involve leather. 

Turns out that the years have made us think quite similarly (three years married, 14 years together) and we both unknowingly bought each other new wash bags (check out Scaramanga where I purchased G Kisby's vintage leather one and nearly came away with a leather satchel for myself). Aren't we just crazy nowadays! Prior to children I am hoping that would have been a very different gift.

However, G Kisby also pulled it out the bag (see what I did there) by presenting me with a gorgeous black leather note book entitled "the anniversary book" - "somewhere to record how much I love you so that in 50 or 60 years time you have lots of little notes reminding you of our years together". Love love love this idea.

And continuing the theme of my incredibly thoughtful husband (who claims to not be creative) I also recently received a ring which he designed and got made containing the birth stones of each of our children. So I can wear it either way depending on which child is my current favourite (joke). I am hoping this isn't a sign that he is finished at two. Really wished I hadn't complained (loudly) recently to friends at my lack of gift upon birthing said children. It was something along the lines of, "not even pushing out an 11 pounder gets me jewellery" (will I ever learn?)

For our anniversary our lovely friend Amy came over to babysit allowing us to go out for dinner. We were giddy and got a taxi out to allow us to share a bottle of wine (it has been so long since this happened, shown by the fact we have never used a taxi company whilst living in this house - 3 years no less). We had amazing food at a little place called Erics in Huddersfield and were out so late (10.30pm) that by coffee G Kisby actually exclaimed, "I'd do anything to be in bed". What??? I was obviously thinking it but you don't say it out loud!

Then we spent last weekend in York with friends Amy and Matt.
It may sound bizarre but when Amy's parents go away (who live in York) we have taken to going on a mini break at their house. We didn't actually do that much but it was ace to be away from home and the jobs list which never quite goes away. Amy, Mabel and I did a trip out to a cafe for some girls chat and cake then we did lots of playing and hanging out. Largely with a big basket of Duplo which Mabel is currently loving. We even bought the papers.
It was good for G Kisby to get some quality time with our little man since by the time he gets home on an evening the 'witching hour' is well under way and he is normally being carried around gnawing his entire arm as if he has never been fed.

This weekend involved swimming, an aborted trip to Ikea (on a weekend, what were we thinking, far too busy so we went to Pizza Express instead) and a trip to Canon Hall Farm in Barnsley. I heard there was a sheep giving birth and practically ran (o.k maybe I did run a little) to the lambing sheds leaving husband and both children far behind. Turns out the farm trip was all about me, Mabel wasn't nearly interested enough for my liking.

Happy days...


  1. When is a farm trip not for we mums?! (Not that I've had littlies to take in a long time.)

    A belated Happy Anniversary :)

  2. how lovely to see Annie over here! (LOVE her blog)
    I think I might like a york mini break...might suggest it instead of payment for Amy's next order!!
    Good work G Kisby
    fee x