Monday, 11 March 2013

Wilf at 4 months

At the end of February Wilf turned 4 months old so here is his monthly photo with Pierre Duck:

He continues to be such a gorgeously smiley boy who properly chortles when tickled and likes a good chat. 

When hungry or unhappy he has a mega loud cry which I reckon could clear a room (it nearly cleared Starbucks recently) but luckily that is not very often. 

At the moment we are very lucky to be getting some decent sleeps and he has even shown a liking for an afternoon nap (Mabel still tries to laugh in the face of a daytime nap though luckily nowadays becomes so tired that she normally gives in). 

He hasn't rolled too often since that first time but he is more keen on tummy time now and grabs at everything (Mabel likes to sit close and see if he can "get her"). 
She is still adorable with him and very gentle, though we do currently have a slight issue with faux injuries when the attention isn't firmly on her. Normally involving a leg or finger. Our big girl also continues to amaze and make us laugh. She loves to sing and we often wake up to a repeated rendition of 'twinkle twinkle' or 'old macdonald'. Counting is her current obsession so we spend full car journeys looking out for a number of her choice. She can count up to 15 now and seems to understand the concept of 1 to 1 to a certain degree. 

Things are very hectic and tiring but currently all good so fingers crossed it continues... 

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  1. Wilf and Mabel are so gorgeous!! Def a clothing label name in there somewhere too.
    Good to catch up and you must be so proud of your pink and blue one, they are truly lush.
    x x x x x