Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Poxy spots

How much better does everything feel with a bit of sunshine. I think this week has been the first of the year where I have gone for a walk without my scarf and gloves. Actually I did start off wearing my scarf and gloves (I have become distrusting of the weather nowadays) but finished pretty much sweating from the layers I had worn. I even put a sunhat on Wilf this week, what are the chances!?
And all this positive talk despite yet another dose of illness. Mabel came home from nursery with chicken pox last week and Wilf developed croup. What is with that? I was really scared when he woke up in the night 'barking' and wheezing. G Kisby was, as always, the calming force when I helpfully just panicked and repeatedly stated, "he can't breathe" in a high pitched voice. Apparently it sounds much worse that it is and as the doctor predicted, within 48 hours it had all but gone. Very strange. 
We have had a lovely few days though, getting out in the garden to do some tidying, doing some odd jobs on the house before we make a more concerted effort to sell it (including new pictures and reducing the price, curses) and lots of activities as always.

Wilf was not sure about spaghetti play - it kept getting stuck to his hands which I think freaked him out.

Mabel was giddy when this parcel arrived from her Uncle Al - full of things to make and do (how lucky is she). I have had to hide the pom poms since she just keeps throwing them in the air to create, "Mr Tumble's spots". I keep finding them everywhere and don't fancy Wilf getting his hands on them. 
We also went for another gorgeous walk at the weekend, this time with a great pub lunch included (G Kisby declared it his favourite way to spend a day) and our as yet childless friends Amy and Matt. 'As yet' - hopefully not for too long, I keep asking, they are soooo good with ours.  Mabel is a big fan. A 'pulled pork' ciabatta and chips, oh my. 
Mabel finding the biggest muddy puddle ever and heading straight in, no wonder we end up with full mud falls. Matt stepped in as the responsible adult.

We are off to the Lakes for a long weekend from Thursday and I am (secretly) checking the weather forecast hourly. 

Big fat fingers crossed for more sunshine.

Oh and I have finally managed to upload a video onto my blog (I think, though actually now it doesn't seem to work???). Wilf's first word below if it will open..

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