Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wilf at 5 months and an early start

Here is our boy at 5 months old with Pierre. He has found his feet and they amuse him no end. Although he hasn't really rolled much since those first times he does now wriggle about (I found him half out of his travel tent over Easter weekend, time to zip him in I think). He arches his back to reach for toys, grabs at everything (mostly Mabel's hair, I constantly hear cries of "Get off Wilfie" when she goes in for a big kiss) and lurches for anything taking his fancy (normally food, not long now I think until we get him started on some solids. Though I admit it does make me nervous that I will then no longer get away with eating so much...) I can't see him crawling anytime soon though, when on his tummy he pulls both legs right up but just can't push his weight off the floor with his arms. He is literally too fat. Same with sitting up, he topples forward, I think because his head is too heavy.

He now definitely has preferences and has developed a loud scream like noise to show when disgruntled. Though he continues to be gorgeously smiley a lot of the time and loves nothing more than a dramatic cuddle and neck kiss / tickle (makes him properly chortle). He has also started with a bit of separation anxiety and doesn't like it when we all leave the room or if passed to someone unknown, depending on his mood (unknown to him not me obviously, I haven't been leaving him with random people). Mabel has been making him laugh no end by repeating, "dada dada" to him and yesterday he final repeated it. I am not sure this counts as his first word though, unless of course it had been Mama in which case it 100% would have been, ha ha.

He has also caused a crack in the plaster above the door frame where we hung his door bouncer (oops). I wanted a picture of his bum from behind but G Kisby gave me a look that suggested it was a step too far. 

We went for a lovely early morning walk on Sunday at Dovestones Reservoir which is just down the road. When you are up early anyway it is nice to get out first thing so we were there before any of the Sunday walking crowd. 

Mabel and G Kisby paddled while I fed Wilf sat on a rock with a great view. We then shared a flask of coffee and G Kisby whipped out a Starbar from his pocket (reminded me why I married him!) I absolutely love a flask of steaming hot coffee on a cold winters, sorry spring morning. 

Mabel has been on great form since recovering from the dreaded virus. We have been making Wilf some new shakers, creating tissue paper art and absolutely loving reading books again (thank goodness, was worried I was stuck with Peppa flaming Pig forever). 'Owl Babies' is a favourite (if I leave the room she now states, "I've lost my Mummy" - clearly hit a nerve) and she could read 'Smartest Giant in Town' ten times over. Unfortunately. It is pretty long. She has also suddenly become funny in a very different way, almost like she is getting the joke rather than laughing at the obvious tickle or comedy fall. After her milk the other night (which she drinks in our bed) she sat back and said, "which one of you two is going to put me in my bed" (pretty much said in the tone that could have included the word "fools" after "two"). When we looked at each other she gave a deep crafty laugh. Yes she has started laughing at us. Good oh. And Wilf may be able to grab her hair but when she saw him stranded like this she took the opportunity to give him a good old spin...
Again the slightly unnerving laugh...


  1. You have some gorgeous children Nelly! Wilf is an absolute cutie, Arthur is nice and chubby too and I'm struggling to imagine him rolling anytime soon as he's just So chunky!
    Rose does the exact same thing when Arthur is in the bouncer.. I do feel a bit sorry for him!

    Ashley xx

  2. noooo - don't feel sorry for Wilf - his face says "higher"!!
    Love that boy.
    fee x
    (no crawling = v good thing)

  3. Hahaaaaaa what an amazing post! Love seeing a new blog pop up from you. Fab 4 x x

  4. Got to agree with Fee about the crawling ... it'll happen all to soon!