Wednesday, 8 May 2013

6 months plus

I would do a blog post today about our absolutely gorgeous bank holiday weekend away in Wales but fortunately (for us that is) I have a sister who takes far nicer photos than I ever could. We did have the nicest time and Mabes LOVED the time with her cousins who she absolutely adores, as do we. We are very lucky, something I say a lot but don't think can be underestimated. We really can't get enough time together and miss them the minute we are apart again! 

So instead I will do my monthly post for Wilf / Mabes. 

Last month has been a busy one for our boy. He has started sitting up on his own. Admittedly it is not long before he sees something and launches himself forward or forgets he is sat up / gets giddy and topples (as below, G Kisby got his arm there just in time) 

He can bang two bricks or toys together and is sooo pleased with the noise it makes. Now fully interested in his treasure basket I love watching the amazement on his face as he finds new textures and sounds. You can't read him a book however - all he wants to do is eat it and if you try and get it out of his reach he just gets stroppy. I am putting this down to more of a thinker than a reader (do not replace thinker with troffer).

Last week he also started to eat real food. No surprises that he has taken to it like a fat boy to a burger. I have never seen a baby on his first attempt with a bread stick demolish it in about 30 seconds. I remember with Mabel wondering when she was going to eat more than about 2 spoon fulls. I asked G Kisby when I should stop him eating the other day as he gobbled a pear.

We are kind of doing a combination of baby led weaning and normal. Which is pretty similar to our approach with Mabel, though with perhaps more emphasis on self feeding and being a little more ambitious on finger foods (hence less purees). It is much easier not to have to make separate portions of pureed food, instead giving him mostly what Mabel eats from the beginning. Though when out in public I think we will stick to feeding him an Ella's Kitchen on a spoon! As much as anything I think he loves the sensory experience of playing with his food and  the social side of sitting around the table. And I love that he is now properly with us over mealtimes too (rather than in his bouncer, we haven't been leaving him in the other room or anything). 

He hates getting dressed, always has done and it doesn't get easier. No idea why.. And he continues to enjoy nothing more than watching his sister.

Which is good since Mabel likes to be watched. This week I have been told to, "er laugh Mummy" and "you say I gorgeous". Not sure what is worse, the demand or the fact that I agree to it. 

Oh and he loves swimming - literally grins through the whole lesson, especially any singing.

Talking of swimming G Kisby had a poo in the pool incident with Mabel a few weeks ago. She came running in when they got home and shouted,
"I did a massive poo in the pool"
I swung round in horror to look at G Kisby who indeed confirmed that this was true.

Apparently she had been jumping in off the edge and did a bum drop onto the side which resulted in a squelch of poo landing on the poolside. G Kisby asked her to stand up and his worst fears were realised as the water dripping from her swimmers was indeed brown. 

Even retelling this story I can feel the panic I would have had should this have happened to me. Would I have just scarpered? Possibly. Would I have ensured that Mabel was scarred for life? Almost definitely. 

What did G Kisby do? Calmly walk round to tell the attendant before leaving swiftly to the showers. Though I think even he was slightly flustered by the job of having to remove the by now sodden poo and swimmers and clean her up. 

Notably at the weekend when asked if I fancied taking her for a swim I chose to look after Wilf instead. I am traumatised and I wasn't even there...
And on a final note talking of our 2.4 year old. Whilst feeding Wilf in our bed tonight I was happily listening to G Kisby reading her stories and both generally wittering on whilst getting ready for bed in the other room. 

As always, Mabel tries to negotiate more stories than have been agreed. As always, G Kisby is far firmer than I would be. However tonight he got more than he bargained for as she completely took the p** out of him. Literally to the word, mimicking him,
"I will take this off you, you are being silly now Daddy" (grabbing the towel)
"Come on now"

Chuckled to myself as he tried, and failed, to retain his normal composure and resolve.


  1. we miss you all so much this week. Have been looking for local houses like a woman possessed. That and the fact I have the holiday blues and can't focus on the dreaded list!
    love you
    fee x
    (one day I'm going to forget the will be like the holiday never happened!)

  2. Can't believe I've missed so many of your posts!

    The 'poo in the pool' scares the bejesus out of me.

    I was thinking about taking both boys swimming the other week? I know, how crazy an idea was that? I'm genuinely worried I'm trying to engineer an embarrassing blog post for myself?

    How sick is that? How sick and pitiful?

    Off to read back through your older posts x

  3. Ah yes, the mimicry stage! I once hissed at an insistent toddler son, while supermarket shopping, 'No, you jolly well can't have a pack of tampons'. This was then repeated, loudly, to what felt like the entire store!