Monday, 27 May 2013

How has that ended up in my mouth?

So over the last couple of weeks I have said this a fair few times.

I also had the conversation with my brother about words you shouldn't put on your blog for fear of attracting the wrong kind of traffic. Guessing the above title might fit into that category?

Anyhow, thought I would share...

1. Sat in Granny's flat with Mabel eating raisins. Despite having just fed Wilf his little chubby hand reached out for one. About 5 minutes later (he tends to suck raisins until they grow to about three times their original size) I notice that he has spat it out right onto Granny's lovely teal sofa cushion. Without thinking and in trying to avoid Granny noticing said wet raisin I pick it up and pop it in my mouth. That would be rancid if it was indeed just a raisin. But whilst starting to heave slightly at the taste I glanced at Wilf to see slightly curdled, custard like, boob milk around his mouth. Yes that's right, I ate a reconstituted sick covered raisin. 

I could not get the taste out of my mouth. Nothing would get rid of it. In fact just writing this I can taste it all over again.

2. Mabel has developed a habit of putting her fingers in her mouth all the time. Not great for trying to avoid picking up bugs / having to wear a bib again / the ipad touch screen (the latter mainly, lets be honest). Anyway, funnily enough telling her to not to just isn't working (I asked her if she wanted cake tonight just to see if she would respond with her standard firm "no" without even listening to the question, unfortunately she wasn't that stupid. Dam it). 

We needed a different tactic.

I went for, 'Stop n Grow'. I told her it was 'special nail varnish for big girls'. She bought right into the idea. Before she could change her mind I covered as many fingers as I could. Unfortunately in my haste I spilt it all over my own hand. I washed it, I scrubbed it but could not get it off.

And so over the course of the day I was then blessed with an ongoing reminder of 
a) where she has got the habit from
b) why it works...who knew it tasted so bad
c) perhaps why it said it wasn't suitable for under 3's on the bottle

I went to get her from nursery (do you like how I chose a nursery day to test this solution) expecting for them to say she had completely stopped the habit but feeling slightly guilty about the whole affair.

Nope. Not bothered. Not even a bit. She laughed in the face of my special nail varnish. Serves me right.

3. Today I had a lovely cuddle in our bed with our wee girl as she was going for her (o.k 'our') afternoon nap. Now she is very good at sharing generally but there is one thing that she is not willing to let Wilf or anyone have for even a moment and that is her grey rabbit.

It stinks, depsite being washed all the time (or rather they stick, there are three of them). When it has been next to her clothes i can smell it. Really not nice. It is the ears that she sucks when going to sleep and they are often really wet.

Anyway today she snuggled in, smiled and pushed the ear into my mouth in an act of true kindness and affection.
It was really sweet. But it was rancid. I couldn't do it. Damp, soggy, smelly rabbit ear.


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  1. Late to this but I had to comment ... you write brilliantly about life with very small children ... as does your brother I now know!

    Re. words that attract the wrong kind of attention ... I have used the word ebony once or twice on knitsofacto, and totally unconnectedly that other word for a small cat (in the context of willow you understand and absolutely nothing hairy) ... all I can say is, the things people search for!