Thursday, 20 June 2013

7 months and a late May round up...

I haven't been good at keeping my blog up to date recently. I don't have an issue with finding things to say (as if) but do have an issue with the time. Which really isn't an excuse. The time is definitely there, I just need to use it better. And aside from enjoying writing and finding it cathartic, I also keep my blog as our diary, particularly for Mabel and Wilf type events. 

So I have decided to do a monthly round up of our lives at the end of each month, including the ongoing picture of Wilf with his Pierre duck and Mabes, well, being Mabes.

Then any other moments I feel I want to write about I can do so in-between times as and when.

In May we visited the Great Grandparents for a stay over. Although trixy at times ("don't touch" overload as she played catch with yet another small ornament, "what you saying Granny Bean?" quite regularly as Granny Bean clearly couldn't hear a thing she was saying so their conversation was really stilted, and a small meltdown at being confined inside too long) it was lovely to see them. They hadn't met Wilf yet so it was nice to show off our little man and Mabel and Granny Bean found a shared love of tea..
Granny Bean is also notorious for very over cooked veg and lots of it. Mabel was in her element, she couldn't get enough. Granny Mag fed us home made plum crumble with custard AND a scoop of ice cream in the middle. If you haven't tried it then you need to. Sounds wrong. Tastes very right.

Other going ons include reducing our house by 10k and changing estate agents to try and get it sold (I hate not being able to plan around when this is going to happen. We are trying not to look at anywhere until it does and remain flexible but knowing there is nothing we can do to make it happen is frustrating). 

Wilf at seven months is getting frustrated too. Still no where near crawling he is desperate to move and chase his sister (who has taken to 'parenting him' regularly much to his dismay. Just as he reaches the controller she whips it away, "no Wilfie, that's not for you")

He continually launches himself from sitting onto his tummy then can't move or get back so screams. Anything (or body) near him will do as a launch pad / utensil for pulling himself on.

He claps his hands now (though forgets how and then relearns it every few days) and continues to eat really well. Now on only 3 milk feeds a day (I am about to give up the breastfeeding, he has had longer than Mabel and those teeth are just becoming an issue. I know the blurb says they shouldn't bite and generally he doesn't but when Mabel charges over towards his head with a wooden toy he swings back with a slight clench of his jaw. Owwww).

Bath times have become ridiculous due to his incessant splashing. Seriously he goes crazy, laughing and splashing so that we are literally soaked. When we took him swimming last week to try and harness his energy in the water he threw himself around the pool like a little dolphin. Separately two people commented on his technique. 

Hoping we have a mini Phelps on our hands - that would be fun!

And so onto June, we have just got back from a fab week in Devon. More to follow...

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