Thursday, 5 September 2013

Pesky pox return, for real this time!

We weren't entirely convinced that Mabel had chicken pox last time and turns out we were right. 

August brought spots galore. Wilf was covered but turns out that was nothing compared to Mabel. Felt really sorry for Wilfie, he was not happy. On the morning before the spots came out I thought he had found his boys bits. Felt like a bit of a momentous day for him. Turns out he was just itching them, why do the pox like to come out in the worst places? Bad times.

Mabel had a couple of really sore ones around her eyes, it was tough to stop her scratching and the redness meant she looked so poorly. Supposedly they feel better once the spots come out which seemed to be the case for Wilf but Mabes just got worse and on one day actually kept asking to go to bed. Her ongoing high temperature and some gunk which I won't dwell on here led us to conclude that an ear infection was to blame which added another week in the house. Seriously, by the end of the fortnight we were all going stir crazy. I find that even when the spots are no longer contagious they look so bad that I am conscious of being around other people. One women came up to me in the street and exclaimed, "you look like you've been beating her up" as she then walked on. Hmm, there are so many things wrong with that comment I am not even going to start.

We had a really hectic few weeks at the start of the month. An offer on our house meant some frantic house hunting and sorting out of new childcare arrangements. There are a few changes with work which require thought. Then the house offer fell through, we failed to get our own offer on a property accepted and we were right back to square one. So we have decided to take ours off the market and stay put for now. We don't need to actually move for another year when we need to be in the right place for Mabel's school so when nothing falls into place I think you need to stop trying to force it and go with the flow. We are really wanting to get over to Manchester to be closer to family and get settled somewhere for the longer term but it needs to be the right place and for now at least that just isn't happening.

Although slightly disappointed I have to say it will be good to stop checking Rightmove daily and start doing some more fun stuff (who am I kidding I am flaming addicted).
Blackberry picking was a hit

On other news Mabel moved into 'pre school', 
She announced in the car one morning,
"Mummy I don't want to go to nursery today"
"Er, why's that?" (my voice already going into high pitched positive overdrive ready to persuade her that her friends would miss her etc etc)
"Because now I go to pre school"
"Oh yes, very well"

There has been a real difference in her since the move or maybe it is a coincidence and it has just coincided with a development spurt. You can have a proper conversation with her almost, not just reply to questions but actually chat. And the 'why' questioning has begun. This one isn't good for me, I have very poor general knowledge. Not helped that its first airing was in response to one of my made up stories in the car about Mr Twinkle the gigantic star who was sad because someone had pulled out the plug and his light had gone out. After getting into the realms of electricity I bailed out and went for, "he just was". Not good so early on.

On a good day they play beautifully together, Mabel "teaches" him colours and gives him her cheerios (bad I know but kind all the same). They kiss each other and Mabel can't give him enough cuddles. On one bad one I heard her shouting, "hurry up Gaston" (ladybird character from TV programme) as she rode him through the living room. I say rode, more wrestled as he tried in vein to crawl away. She whinges, he joins in (I swear he thinks its sport). He cries in frustration at not being able to do something, she feigns an injury and cries louder. I try to ignore both.

Wilf has also changed loads. He points at lots now and attempts some sort of word (rarely sure what but I go with it). His main goal in life is to stand and he coasts around everything and loves his walker. The hardest part is that if you stand still long enough he climbs up your leg. He does the actions to a few songs and is signing more by the day. The only problem being that when tea isn't ready for another 15 minutes and he sits on the kitchen floor signing for hungry I feel awful. Not sure what the sign is for, "understand what you're signing but the pasta isn't cooked". He gets cheekier by the day and loves to be chased and scared. 

Aside from that we had a lovely 2 days with cousin Alfie who came to stay. Fancying a break from being around the house and with his brothers he showed no teenage tendencies with us and had impeccable manners, did lots of talking (rather than gaming) and was an absolute pleasure to have around. I did take a few pictures but he won't thank me for them so I will keep them off.

And so onto Sept (come on last bit of summer sun, you know you want to)...

P.s Had a 'Keep in Touch' day at work this week. All went well, no nappies falling out of bag, managed to look fairly together, wasn't late etc. All until I shook my head and my hair jingled. Yes, I had some 'special' beads in my hair. I remembered that this morning I couldn't find my hair bobble so whilst in the shower used one of Mabel's meaning to swap it over. Really hope no one heard the fact that I sounded like a 2 year old.

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  1. Christ on a bike, wild is the image of G Kisby!!! It's like G Kisby in a nappy! Total mirror image. Poor kids, pox is shite. The Princess had it twice. The doc confirmed if it wasnt bad first time, they can get it again. Pants.
    Did you ever see the questionnaire I filled in for you re work. Ages ago. Think Fee sent it out.x x x