Thursday, 3 October 2013

Summer bonus time!

So September has been a treat. In lots of different ways.

Most recently the added bonus sunshine we've had leading to a day at the Southport and the nearby Ainsdale beach which was just fab. We had fish and chips, Mabel loved the carousel and we all wondered how long she would be happy putting 2p's in the machines (a long time apparently). Wilf probably doesn't remember being on the beach last so he was completely giddy and literally crawled into the freezing cold sea. He'd have carried on if we didn't keep dragging him back.
The beach was very clean and wonderfully empty. We'd have stayed longer if it wasn't for the long ish drive home again, the wind on wet clothes and the sheer volume of sand in Wilf's mouth. We always enjoyed a walk along the coast when it was just us two, now we are four it is just ace and is one of those times that being around children makes you remember what it is to be 'child like'. As in, I would never have got as wet as an adult if it wasn't for Mabes encouraging me further into the sea and actually it was loads of fun.

G Kisby celebrated the big 33 for which we booked in a cheeky night away at the Chalmondley Arms.  For once we didn't try and cram too much in and instead had a lightish lunch, watched a film, read the papers, dozed for half an hour then started things off with a 'Gintroduction' early evening sat outside in the sunshine (what are the flamin chances late Sept?)

We of course then ate too much and waddled back to bed about 9.30pm only to be woken by some late night revellers at the ungodly hour of 11pm. Gosh how our lives have changed that we are woken up by people returning at 11pm! We are so so grateful both that Mabel and Wilf LOVE staying with Auntie Fee & Uncle Al and that the feeling is mutual (though obviously not so mutual from their side that we could book them in fortnightly I don't think). We are so lucky to have such close family that we don't worry about them even for a second. We don't even have to really run through a routine prior to leaving and know that any parenting decision made will be pretty much akin to your own. O.k maybe not on the one that Wilf didn't drink his bedtime milk because he had shared too much of Kenzie's pizza before bed, but on most things (love you).
Aside from that we appear to have found a new buyer for our house (though not wanting to say too much on that for fear of jinxing so more later). First timers who want to move before Christmas - argh!

And as for Mabel and Wilf...

Wilf started nursery a few weeks ago, not on his full quota yet but just slowly settling him in. We weren't sure how this would go since he is going through a very clingy phase and doesn't like me even leaving the room. However, generally he is pretty confident and content so it could have gone either way. Luckily he has been absolutely fine and although he does give a mean bottom lip and short cry upon being handed over, by the time I have taken Mabel to her room this has stopped and he is digging in to his weetabix happily.
Not to be outdone by his sister, check out his nursery bag - by Tillie Mint
He also took his first step a week ago and has since become very cocky, very quickly on the walking front. G Kisby walked at 9 months and apparently it is genetic so not surprising I suppose that he is off already.
(This is the pierre duck photo - I seriously could not get him to stay still so had to attach it to a walker)

On a month of firsts he also decided that his first word would be 'fish' (what the hell) shortly followed by 'teeth'. I kid you not. That's if you don't count 'dada' which of course I don't. And I swear I have heard him utter 'mama' under his breath and then completely refuse to repeat it when I get excited.

Mabel has taken to asking everyone she meets their name and age. I know I should probably get her to stop the latter but I can't help but enjoy watching how people respond. She has also taken her adult tendancies to a new level with outspoken praise, "well done you two, you have eaten your dinner all up with no messing" to G Kisby and I. 
"Er, I don't think so Granny" in response to Granny poking her for fun, "we don't poke".
And "come and sit on my knee" to her lovely friend Tilly (who is a year older). Luckily her bossiness is normally delivered alongside a fair amount of charm so she gets away with it. 

She also has a new imaginary friend called Lulu. No idea where this has come from (hopefully not G Kisby's Lulu impression which only comes out when a certain Take That single is on) but I just started to notice her mentioning this and when I asked she responded quite openly that, "Lulu is my pretend friend - catch Lulu" before throwing the ball. Hmm, not sure on that one.

And we've had some ace trips out this month including Magna Sheffield which I would definitely recommend. It is aimed at older children but there was still loads to do and see including a fire tornado, lots of water play and a wind machine. The added bonus was an outside water play area which we had to ourselves on account of the cold. I went prepared with a full outside suit for Mabel but didn't consider the fact that she would run to the other side then refuse to come back alone. I got soaked running around after her and found us both doing involuntary high pitched screams as we hurtled about. 

So on to October which actually promises to be even busier with G Kisby having to start his dissertation, packing to be done, a short break to Worcester and our little guys birthday...


  1. AND a Calamity Jane themed weekend away!! how could you forget that?
    fee x

  2. Awww your little ones are so gorgeous and don't they look alike!
    Lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it :)
    Love Caroline xx

  3. Hello. I just stumbled across your blog - I am also mum to a Wilf, who is almost also one year old. Off to spend some time reading through your lovely blog. x