Saturday, 26 October 2013

Building up to the big One

Wilfie turns one in a week and it has been a really busy month so thought I should squeeze in an extra post.
We started October with a trip to Worcester staying at family friendly hotel The Elms. We hadn't done the hotel thing since having babies and were both a bit unsure how it was going to work. However, we had a huge room with plenty of space, a lovely bathroom and the hotel itself was fully equipped with everything available from change mats to bottle warming. Although by no means perfect (and not sure how positive I'd still be if we'd paid full price, we went on a deal) it was pretty good. The pool was ace, it was fab to go down to the bar for dinner with G Kisby of an evening (albeit for about 2 hours before getting back to watch Breaking Bad on the ipad tucked up in bed) and there were lots of nice touches for children like a trampoline, play area, fairy trail and plenty of outdoor space. Wilf had a virus and wasn't himself at all so we had to keep him dosed up and he slept loads, poor wee guy was a real trooper but clearly felt rubbish.

We spent time at nearby West Midland Safari Park which made for a good day out (no sightings of any 'bafoons' for me this time - I still swear such an animal exists). We bought some feed to give to the giraffes out of the car - it was ace. I was the only one who thought so. Mabel panicked when the massive tongue came launching at her head through the open window, Wilf was so groggy he hardly noticed, G Kisby was clearly nervous about the hygiene. I carried on regardless. Felt slightly bad at shouting, "come on Mabes, man up" as she scrambled to the other side of the car. Think all 3 of them ended up in the drivers seat at one point. The park was pretty much deserted with it being mid week and freezing except that they were planning for halloween so all the staff were dressed up as scarecrows and with no rides to run were sweeping up leaves etc. Felt like some sort of horror movie.
We also visited lovely Ludlow with it's pretty castle. For lunch we went to a lovely place called The Green Cafe which gave you hot water bottles in home knitted covers if you sat outside (love that) and brought out huge bowls of amazing Moroccan butternut squash soup with toasted almonds and lemony yoghurt on top.The castle was far more about me than the kids and getting both up a turret was trickier than I realised at the bottom. A big scare too far coming out of a dark passage led to a fairly quick exit. 
Following such a great mini break could have been tough (and yes I did throw in some holiday blues) but we then head to Tarn last weekend for our annual family get together,

This year the theme was Calamity Jane and as always everyone joined in with gusto. G Kisby claimed not to know much about the film but somehow still managed to spend money on an inflatable outfit. Which unknowingly matched Al's - hmm. We ate cow pie and biltong, played games such as 'lasoo the granny' and laughed more than I remember for a long time. Probably since last year. There are lots of little ones now and they loved the party games earlier in the evening with Mabel (not) coping well with losing. Need to keep working on it. We really miss our Scottish rellies and the weekend always goes far too quickly but tons of happy memories from this one and already thinking about the Grease theme for 2014. Photos to follow on this one.

At the end of the month we also caught up with friends we'd not seen for too long (you can't beat Pizza Express for child friendly Saturday lunch) and had a gorgeous walk around nearby Blackmoorfoot Reservoir - making the most of the wonderful Yorkshire countryside while we are still here. 

Just in the background to all of the above we also found a house we love and had an offer accepted (hugely hoping we can now link the two up and not have to rent) and G Kisby got signed off for a promotion he has worked very hard for (very proud).

Phew, life is very busy but we wouldn't have it any other way....

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  1. Gosh, is it a year already! Happy nearly birthday Wilf. And fingers crossed it all works out with the house :)