Monday, 23 December 2013

My heart melted tonight...

It is that time of year when I become really conscious of traditions both old and new, considering things from our own childhood we'd like to carry on as well as creating new special ones just for our little family.

Tonight I think we made one. 

The advent bag was the treat of going back downstairs after bath time to find a little 'tea party' had been set up including cushions, a blanket, lights off (except for the tree), hot chocolate and something Christmassy on the tv - The Snowman. It is the first time we have done this as a family since Mabel normally has an attention span of about 10 minutes and obviously with Wilf you can half that. 

Don't know if it was the music or just novelty but Mabes sat all the way through and was literally mesmerised. She sat with her hands over her mouth in silence only occasionally exclaiming, "what's he doing now" and, sharp intake of breath, "it's Santa!" When the snowmen dance she tried to sing along and clapped in that baby like way (unadulterated joy) I realised she has stopped doing as often anymore. I loved the film as a child so that probably added to my emotional moment but for that 30 minutes I found myself viewing it for the first time all over again and so so grateful to have had the opportunity to do so. She kept squeezing my hand. Let that never end. 

G Kisby got the slightly short straw, Wilf sat still for about half of it then started smacking him in the head with his empty milk bottle, which was a blow. Quite literally.  

Other treats have included getting up early to see the lights in Manchester city centre, a Christmas bed time sing song with Grandma and pink milk (food colouring - possibly the cheapest and easiest way to make her day ever). 

Anyhow, aside from Christmas a quick update on house progress.

The move is done. It was tough going, Mabel did become a little unsettled and we had some very disturbed nights sleep around the actual move date but hopefully things are back to normal now. I found it much harder than I thought, it was the first time I had felt emotional about leaving a house (we have moved a fair amount for our years - get bored easily) but we started our family in that house (literally in Wilf's case) and have great friends in Yorkshire. There is always a bit of trepidation I guess in moving somewhere new and having to make new friends etc. and I think the fact we knew we were moving twice didn't help. But we can't complain, I am currently sat snuggled on the sofa next to a lovely Christmas tree safe and warm with a new house that we are giddy about hopefully to be ours at the end of Jan. 

So I am off to plan some Christmas games, decide on my songs for the Christmas dinner playlist and eat some more yule log (the one food item that makes Christmas for me - incase you wondered).... 

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  1. Have a super Christmas with your beautiful family :)
    Love Caroline x x x