Sunday, 6 January 2013

No holiday blues for me...

Apparently. Short shrift yet again from the husband on this front. And actually I have too much to do / look forward to anyway. I have a birthday in a few weeks, Mabel turns two at the end of January and G Kisby has another week off work - hooray.

So Christmas was lovely.
Mabel didn't really get it, though told people "Father Christmas chimney and ate all snack " with particular emphasis on 'all snack'. Thinking she might have been more concerned that he had eaten the chocolate rather than any present recollection (she has stalked, literally, anyone who has food this christmas in the hope of finding chocolate).

When she arrived downstairs on Christmas Day morning she was slightly perturbed by the blanket we covered her Peppa Pig toys with (we didn't bother wrapping everything since we realised taking paper off was short lived fun for someone under two. There is no hope for Wilf if we are cutting these corners with our first I realise). But we got some good video of her excitement at revealing her gifts. And even more excitement when eating a chocolate croissant for breakfast (she ate so much she was then sick before we had even left the house - bad parents).

Wilf ate and dozed and was generally just a little fat bundle of gorgeousness.
They both slept fine in their pop up cot tents at Grannies and I even got one full night sleep through, amazing. Mabel was obsessed with her older cousins and early mornings were a challenge to stop her standing at Grannies door saying, "go upstairs see the boys". On repeat.

We ate, played constantly, relaxed (relatively, child to adult ratio was a dream), ate some more and revelled in how lucky we are (G Kisby surprised me with a very cool watch and a kindle, I was very smiley it has to be said). Just some of the amazing food included the legendary Boxing Day ham and a very special desert from Grandad Kisby:

Then for New Year we had two of our best friends round for dinner. Four courses including amazing baked eggs and venison. We opened some champagne to toast the New Year, alongside Wilf's birth (yes I do appear to be gripping the glass - I have drank very little for such a long time so was perhaps concerned G Kisby was going to swoop in and offer to finish mine for me).

I got back to my old self on the games front and designed a, "minute to win it" competition. Too funny being the sober one watching others try and get a chocolate from forehead to mouth without using their hands. We even managed to see midnight (admittedly by this point everyone was drinking water or tea). 

Amy then happened to mention to me the annual yearly planning quadrant she has Matt doing, 'health, home/finance, hobbies and career'. They do say having a plan means you are much more likely to achieve it. Unfortunately for G Kisby I have taken on this idea with gusto and had planned to have us do it last night. Fortunately for him I am also still v tired so ended up in bed by nine without so much as a pen to paper. Hoping that isn't an indication of the next 12 months.

So it is on to taking the decorations down (I hate this bit), writing thank u cards and getting back to my fitness regime to try and retrieve all my previous good work. Just wish someone would remove the left over Roses tin, I don't even like the Brazilian Darkess ones yet I keep eating them. What is with that...


  1. Brazilian Darkess you say?

    You look gorg in that NYE photo (gripping the glass)
    We have missed you all like mad since you went...I'm SO fighting the blues.
    And the crochet cold turkey...tough man. Luckily your b'day present is finished before that kicked in.
    love you
    fee x

  2. What lovely pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your little Wilf just keeps getting cuter!
    Happy New Year!