Thursday, 10 January 2013

Where has 2 months gone?

Just a quick update on Wilf turning 2 months old. Yes I realise that this was now nearly 2 weeks ago. Here is the monthly photo (stupidly he is wearing the same baby grow as last month so that will be confusing). The second picture is blurred but check out our chunky boys smile. Mabel pointed to him today and said, "two chins". To be fair we were naming body parts, it wasn't an unprovoked attack on his appearance. She was right though. In fact I could see three.

He is still the most gorgeous of babies. He has started going to bed at 7.30pm with Mabel this week and (touch wood) sleeps through 'till 4am ish. He chuckles, especially when sat in front of a mirror, and loves having a bath (which we have to give him slightly more often than we'd ideally like because he has the clammiest hands and feet that collect clumps of fluff). 

On a different note I was thinking this week about to what degree your expectations as a parent impact upon their lives. I think because I am really conscious of the whole 'second child' thing and making sure Wilf isn't at a disadvantage. I wondered if I am almost suggesting already that he won't be as academic as Mabel or won't develop as quickly because he doesn't have the 1-2-1 attention. And if I am expecting that will there be some self fulfilling prophecy? 
Though there are clearly benefits too from being the second, definitely in that we are more confident in our parenting decisions (try things out with Mabel, watch as they largely go wrong, improve them for Wilf).

I find the whole nature nurture debate just fascinating. Mabel is really good at literacy. Is it just a coincidence that we are both that way inclined, is it genetic or have we influenced her in the focus we put upon reading and writing on a day to day basis? Needless to say there are now numbers on our fridge! As we have both found, doing English as a degree is not quite as lucrative on the job front as say, medicine. 

Anyhow I have decided to stop thinking about all of the 'second child' talk and just focus on ensuring that both get all the support and attention they need to be whatever they want to be. I want them to believe there is nothing they can't achieve if they want to. 

That's what going for a long walk on a cold but gorgeously sunny day me too much time to reflect!

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  1. Wilf is gorgeous! I love his chubby cheeks <3