Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy days...

We have been snowed in here for the past few days. It has got heavier and heavier. I am a big fan of the snow and will happily play out there for some time so was pretty disappointed when Mabel wanted in after about 10 minutes. Something about being cold and that the snow was so deep it kept going down her boots and she couldn't use her hands to help build my our snowman due to her gloves not fitting very well. I got a look from G Kisby at my suggestion that she needed to man up a bit. 
However, I too have been cursing the snow today for a number of reasons.

1. G Kisby is on holiday this week and we had plans. Plans to go out on a cheeky lunch date whilst Mabes was in nursery (we had Wilf but managing one child now seems simple, obviously. Curses to hindsight). Plans to get things done that have been on our jobs list for months. Plans to go on some fun days out. Not plans to stay indoors for yet another day.

2. Mabel has decided that now might be a good time to start acting like a true two year old. Today we had to use the 'thinking step' for the first time (we have been saving it) due to a kicking incident. I asked G Kisby afterwards how we were going to cope with her internal anger issues (thought it was a good time not to be over dramatic). She has started bearing gritted teeth when she gets frustrated. Alfie (cousin with whom she shares certain attributes) used to make a very funny 'claw' with his hand in similar situations. I can hear Fee now saying, "put the claw away" as we struggled not to laugh. Hmm, not so funny now. I just long for the days when not everything was a negotiation. 
Like butter wouldn't melt
This morning G Kisby heard me from the other room negotiate for some time on how many pairs of socks she could bring downstairs. He followed me down shortly afterwards to see pretty much every pair she owns on the sofa. He literally wet himself (delirious laughter) as I tried to justify my weakness. You gotta choose your battles man (is what I said...weakly, before gearing up for my next internal battle not to beg her to come over for a nappy change). 

3. We are all going a little bit delirious from too much time inside. Yesterday we found ourselves both doing a full on dance to 'jitterbug boogie' much to Mabel's amusement. Then this morning over breakfast I found myself 'acting out' the story of Goldilocks over breakfast in the kitchen. She has a new CD in the car (thanks Grandma) which she is very much enjoying, full of your classic tales. G Kisby mentioned he had enjoyed Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. I tried to persuade him to act it out. Ha, the very thought of that still makes me laugh. Wilf laughs at anything (in fact sometimes nothing at all, which makes me question whether he really does find me funny or is in fact humouring me).

Even Mabel has reached a new level of strange. She hates it when Wilf cries ("don't we all" I tried to explain). Quite sweet actually since normally she runs over to "check baby Wilf o.k" (shouted in his face, normally accompanied by a toy shoved under one of his chins). Apart from over the last few days she has started to do a 'mooooo' noise constantly when he does, almost to try and block it out I assume, At one point on Friday, when G Kisby was at work so I had no other adult, the 'mooo' noise went on for so long I almost decided to make my own noise, along with perhaps a rocking action. Then I realised this was in fact close to being actually crazy so instead decided it might be a good time to do some other inappropriate activity, like say painting. 

So come on snow...melt God dam it. I am worried for my sanity...


  1. Gawd snow, just melt will ya?! Give these guys the break they need!
    Funny isn't it, how the snow novelty soon wears off!
    I really hope you get some quality time OUTSIDE together!
    Love Gem x x x xx

  2. he he...'the claw' was annoying! Mind you, the teenage response makes 'the claw' look like fun in comparison. I seriously hope (for your sanity) that she doesn't share tooooo many of Alfie's attributes - they are all pretty challenging.
    (Kenzie is the role model you want)
    Hope you get out soon, missed our lunch opportunity.
    fee x